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Our policies are geared to your satisfaction. If there is a problem of any kind with the products you receive, please contact us-orders@fernmtnhoney.com to arrange a return for replacement or refund. All of our honey products are in sealed glass jars and carefully packed for shipment. In our experience, shipping damage is a rarity with UPS Ground; however please notify us immediately upon receipt of your order if there is any shipping damage. You may also contact us with questions or comments about our products and processes via email info @fernmtnhoney.com or mail to Fern Mountain Honeybee Farm, PO Box 3142, Muskogee, OK 74402. Thanks for visiting the website. We will be introducing new products and wholesale specials throughout 2016, so please check back with us. In 2016 we will offer custom packaging and labeling of honey for gifts to enhance special occasions, weddings, events, and social gatherings. Honey is a fine gift; attractive, cannot spoil, no shelf life limit, no refrigeration, sealed, easy to pack for travel, health benefits, and sweetness everyone loves. Please request notification in the occasional email registration below, if you are interested in receiving more information on this offering.

The bee farm is located in the countryside near Muskogee, Oklahoma. “Fern Mountain Honey “ , “Fern Mountain Honey bees”, and “Fern Mountain Honey Bee Farm” are trademark brand names for the bee farm (apiary), honey products, and wax products of MCR Projects, LLC. MCR Projects LLC is the registered name of our company, established 2009.

We consider our job of beekeepers and developers of the bee farm as support to the honeybees. They are doing an amazing amount of work. Although we can harvest a portion of their honey, the greatest value of honeybees is in their service as pollinators. Some 90 crops grown in the United States alone are dependent on insect pollination, performed primarily by the honeybee. Honey bees are a critical component of agriculture. As honey bees visit blossoms to gather the nectar and pollen, they help agricultural crops, home gardens and wildlife habitats flourish.